Thursday, 22 May 2008


Courtesty of the MAD DECENT blog [] here is an AMAZING new mix by Bitch Ass Darius. It is INCREDIBLE.

Bitch Ass Darius - Do It 2 It Promo Mix

Bitch Ass Darius - We Can Jack

But then I am incredibly biased.

xx Lektrogirl

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Sunday, 4 May 2008



The only thing that would make this picture of Julien more perfect would be if he had his dick out in his left hand. I really want to go to Paris soon, and if Bitch Ass Darius comes in June, then I guess that is definitely gonna happen while we go and get all New Jack Swing with the Diamond Grills Boys.

xx Lektrogirl

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Friday, 26 October 2007


Last night I spent hours working on amazing spreadsheets containing all the information for the Katharine Hamnett SS08 wholesale orders. I love my new computer screen. I had five workbooks open at once. Chats with Bitch Ass Darius, Prancehall, Bok Bok, Manara in the AIM about various matters. Some long tings, some casual matters. Vibing to an assessment mix of DJ Venoms', then some mix of Kenny Kingston's that B.A.D. sent me and then some cool mix by Girl U No It's True. Total vibes with me and the Windows music visuals and Excel.

I got to work this morning and my assistant started first track up REGULATE!!! Blud - he is my boy!! Then all the other end of the room came in [the PR end!] and started playing all the new Take That stuff and Tears for Fears.

OMG - split hearing! You get me!!

DJ Guy sent me a link today though for a new mix that I want to share with the world too on

Here is the track listing:
Bitch Ass Darius - Ride Wit Me (NES Records)
DJ Guy - Bucked Up (Global Fire)
Professor X - Professor X (Saga) (Techno Kut)
Eerk & Jerk - Eerk & Jerk (House Mix) (Shantell Records)
Model 500 - Future (Metroplex)
DJ Guy - Big Pussy (Global Fire)
Bass Tribe - Dance Like A Freak (X-Tend-A-Freak Club Mix) (Pandisc)
Bitch Ass Darius - G**K Hoez (NES Records) <---- A PERSONAL FAVOURITE FYI
DJ Guy - The Raw (Global Fire)
Stone Age - Raw Dog (acapella) (MCA)
DJ Assault - Livin' The (Good Life) (Jefferson Ave)
DJ Guy - Who Wanna (Global Fire)
Ectomorph - Parallax View (Interdimensional Transmissions)
Freestyle - Don't Stop The Rock (Pandisc)
Disco D - D-Down (Intuit-Solar)
Electric Soul - X2 (Electrofunk)
Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - Just Vibe (Acapella) (Interscope)
DJ Slugo - Smoke-N-Ride (Dance Mania)
Emynd & Bo Bliz - Get F'd Up (Flamin' Hotz)
AJ McGhee - Have A Drink (Thorn Entertainment)
DJ Guy - The Runner (Global Fire)
P-Dog - Got This Feeling (M.A.P.)

And here is the link here.


xx Lektrogirl

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Sunday, 14 October 2007


This is DJ Guy's first release of his brand new label Global Fire which is pretty grand considering he also just bought Serato yesterday too. He said he felt really sad cause it really felt like the end of an era. But he said already Serato was amazing. Last night DJ Guy, Bitch Ass Darius and I "had a drink or two" at the The Star. It was the triad of minds that evening on the sofa, and later at my crib where we decided it would be a great idea to drink the two bottles of red wine on top of all the drinking we have already done.

Originally presented to me in a Morrisons*** bag, here is a slighter hotter picture of the new record!

Left Tittie:
Bucked Up
Who Wanna
The Raw

Right Tittie:
The Runner
Big Pussy

So from the expert mind of Lektrogirl [who miraculouly woke up totally clear headed this morning!]
Bucked Up - "Get Buck" / Young Buck and some great music. Great for getting your titties out to and shaking your F.U.P.A.
Who Wanna - well who doesn't? I know I always want to.
The Raw - You Get Me!? This is the best track on the EP and it makes me want to dance like a German girl all up in the place and fuck the snot out of any guy. Well there is a man in particular... Anyway - you will know which bit of the track I mean when you hear it. You will start doing the Wutang* and the Spongebob Dance** all at once on the floor.
The Runner - The "Doh" vocals etc by DJ Guy himself. [Yes it is true that I didn't believe Bitch Ass Darius sang "Mount Up Bang That Butt" himself, but he did a live performance of it in the living room later that evening that was most convicing!]
Big Pussy - A vintage DJ Guy track written back in 2002. My only negative comment on this track is that it doesn't say BIG PUSSY enough. But maybe that is cause if all pussy's smelt like mine the world would be a really happy place [they don't call me Platinum Pussy in Hamburg for no reason you know] - but maybe you can get too much of a good thing? It must be awful for those girls out there with fannies like crabsticks.

You can listen to samples of some of these tracks on the Global Fire MySpace page.

*The Wutang Dance

**The Spongebob Dance

xx Lektrogirl

***Oh FUCK! I just remembered about an amazing thing Carrie said by accident!! She mixed up Dries Van Noten with Denise Van Outen! Love it!!!

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Thursday, 11 October 2007


MuSiC SHoW!!!
paper rad, 8 bit construction set, the potions
shoulders, bitch ass darius, paul b. davis

thursday 11 october, 8pm
old blue last, 38 great eastern street, shoreditch, EC2A 3HY (tube: old street / liverpool street)

after wiping the floor clean at mike paradinas' birthday party [he was so thorough, the cleaners didnt even have to show up after the party, the punters took everything home...], paul is daring to show his face again at the decks alongside SHOULDERS and BITCH ASS DARIUS at a party tonight!!!!

those two are enough to go along to this free party for!!!

don't expect too much from the live band performances however - the potions havent seen each other in years, the 8 bit construction set never really works because cougar shuttle gets too drunk to do anything and paul doen't have a helmet any more to cover the bald spot so he is not gonna be vibing. paper rad is ben and jessica so i can't say either which way - jacob isn't going to be there.

anyhow i've seen this kind of party before - im not going - so don't think you will be able to shank me on the sly on those perilous stairs at the old blue last - but if you want to see what that amazing scene from america with it roots firmly in places like "camp gay" - GO! ask for your beer in a paper cup and expect all the toilets to get blocked. and demand a turn on the fireman's pole!!!



Monday, 27 August 2007


On the weekend, my friend Bitch Ass Darius makes a regulated bipolar power supply for his new synth.

It makes me wonder what I did at school all those years.

xx Lektrogirl

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