Saturday, 6 December 2008


A bunch of people had a DJ battle knockout tournament on the (RIP) site in 2006, which DJ Guy went on to win. The final round mixes had to be 10 minutes long and mixed live with vinyl on 2 decks.

My advice to you is check out the whole three mixes from the battle but here is the winning mix.

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PHREN1-3, originally uploaded by astropop.

So, I downloaded this mix ages ago and I refound it on my hard drive after I went through and was uploading new stuff to [NSFW]

Those of you who have been following my blog will know that I am a big fan of DJ Guy, and have had the pleasure of his company on many occasions - highlights being playing scrunchie football at Diamond Grills in Paris, get shit faced with him and Bitch Ass Darius at my local etc. The 'Fired Up Promo Mix' is one of my favourite mixes of all time - not only because it contains his own track from the Fired Up EP "Big Pussy" but because it also contains the BANGING TRACK by Bitch Ass Daris G**K Hoes on NES one of the best records of all time and I have gone on about that whole mix a million times before.

Oh so where was I? I feel as giddy as my little nephew Sam who I just spoke to at the Devonport Show after he just got off the GeeWhizzer - he said that it was okay when it was going slow but it went really fast and it freaked him out. But he wasn't as scared as his dad was.

Okay so feet back down on the ground:


* Intro - Beat Dominator - 2 4 6 8 Feel The Bass (Tekno Version)
* DJ Nasty - Rythmalism - Motor City Electro Company
* Facedown - Smack Dem Gutz (Dub Mix) - Bassdog Records
* Unknown DJ - Basstronic (Bonus Beats) - Dunk Yer Funk Records
* Gant-Man - Lets Get It Perculated - Ghetto Test
* Esser - Forces (Reese Mix) - KMS
* The Underground Track Master - 313 Let’s Go
* DJ Guy - Going Crazy - Global Fire
* DJ Puncho - Let Me C U Juke - Dance Mania
* Crazy Caz - Work It Out - Big Boy Records
* The X-Men - It’s More Fun To Sample (Dub Version)
* Parris Mitchell Project - Bitches & Money - Dance Mania
* Soul Designer - Detroit Sound - F Communications
* Aux 88 - Direct Drive - Direct Beat
* A-Trak - Kraftwerk Break - Ammo Records
* Debo - From Da Back - Freak Mode
* Paul Johnson - Tic Toc - Cajual Records
* Chaos - Afrogermanic - Underground Resistance
* Egyptian Lover - Egypt Egypt - Egyptian Empire Records
* DJ Slugo - Cardboard Booty - Dance Mania
* Little Computer People - Eyes - Psi49net
* Pierre’s Pfantasy Club - Dream Girl (Ralph Rosario Mix) - Mastercuts
* DJ Flint - Bitches and Hoes - Freak Mode
* Renegades of Rhythm - Before The Dawn (Main Mix) - North End Recordings
* DJ Godfather - 24’s - D.E.T. Only
* DJ Godfather - Much Live - Databass Records
* Posatronix - Shake It - Direct Beat
* Teksoul - Chuck (Heavey Bottom Mix) - Skuzz
* DJ Guy - Gangster (Extended Mix) - Global Fire
* Traxmen & Eric Martin - Hit It From The Back - Dance Mania
* Break FX
* Wiley - Flyboy - Shut Your Mouth Recordings
* Red Planet - Prayer Stick (Trans Electric) - Red Planet
* George Kranz - Trommeltanz (Din Daa Daa) - Personal Records
* Non Stop DJs - Hydraulic Pimp - Non Stop Recordings
* Neighbour - What I Say - Home Breakin Records
* X-Men - Revenge Of The X-Men - The X Files
* Adonis - No Way Back - Trax UK
* Fade To Black - In Synch - Fragile Records
* Luke ft Jiggie - Take Off Your Clothes - Priority Records
* DJ Guy - Lil Closer - Global Fire
* DJ Guy - Amber DJ Tools - Global Fire
* I.O.S. - Dance Through The Night - F.A.C.T. Records
* DJ Godfather - Work That! (Clean) - Twilight 76 Records
* Supply N’ Demand - Updown - Supply N’ Demand
* DJ Assault - Jungle Love - Electrofunk Records
* 24-K - Don’t Go There (Acapella) - MCA Soundtracks
* DJ Guy - Don’t Fuck With Me (Fuckstrumental) - Global Fire
* DJ Deeon - Every Day - Freak Mode
* Aaron-Carl - No No - Intuit-Solar
* Dj Assault - Disco Guitar (Remix) - Electrofunk Records
* DJ Assault - Dis Bitch - Electrofunk Records
* Clark - Dirty Pixie - Warp Records
* Gant-Man - Muzik Make U - Dance Mania

Some personal highlights from this mix are Little Computer People - that album is great and reminds me of days and night in Brussels and DJing in the Atomium and Gant Man - Let's Get It Perculated. Anything about the Perculator works for me.

And about now, the fireworks display will be over in Devonport and I've spooged all I needed to about DJ Guy. Now all I need is a new mix from Bitch Ass Darius.

xx Lektrogirl

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Thursday, 29 May 2008


There are loads of parties on Friday night, but the one I am going to is this! The Cardinal from Kuntish Frown [LOL] will be DJing around midnight or so. I will have to find out before so I don't peak too early on Gin and Tonic and end up crying in a corner. Or if I had any sense, I would seek out a bar serving my new favourite Koko Kanu which claims to be "the natural aroma and flavour of coconuts with the finest Jamaican Rum." The bottle is very pretty to say the least. And it is a bit like Malibu but not as sickly. Or maybe if I had even more sense I would shy away from booze all together after the crazy long weekend I just had - but I put all that down to stress release from the week before.

Also tomorrow night is another Night Slugs in Camberwell at the Red Star. DJ Guy is playing there... I'm sorely tempted cause he is good times and funny guy! I will never forget playing scrunchy football with him in Paris at Le Triptyque at the end of a Diamond Grills where Bitch Ass Darius was playing, Goon and Koyote [obs] and a guy that DJ Guy and I thought all night the French were calling "Bum 'ole". We later realised it was "Bobmo". Mega LOLZ and shame face all round!!

God I just remembered the other two 'night slugs' that the Rubber Band Man and I saw ages ago on the pavement in Archway. GROSS!

I'm really bored today. There is a plasterer coming over tomorrow and I still have chores. YAWNSVILLE.

xx Lektrogirl

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Sunday, 23 March 2008


I was just browsing the forum for the first time in a while and I came across this post from DJ Guy called DJ TRAINWRECK. I followed the links and came across this beautiful piece of text:

The Worst Mixtape Ever

Back when I lived in Houston I had a radio show on the local college station (KTRU). The show was called "MKUltra". It was on Friday nights, and I played mostly electronic music. I had a lot of guest djs for the show in those days... local talent like Andrei Morant, Abiel, Chris Anderson & Tim Xavier would often drop by.

Listeners and local scenesters would sometimes mail me their mixes, and sometimes I'd air them. If I really liked it, I would have them come in and do a live set.

In the summer of '99 I got a mix in my mailbox at the radio station. It came recorded on a dubbed over dictasette, and was enclosed with a short note. This is one of the worst mixtapes I have ever heard. It is so horrifically bad that I listened to it non-stop that summer.

1999 was a rough year for me. My mom was fighting cancer. My girlfriend had just broken up with me. I hated my job. And I was depressed. But that summer, this mixtape took my mind off all that crap. And it made me think: no matter how bad things got, it couldn't get any worse than this mix.

They say a good dj is supposed to make you feel things you haven't felt before. To play music you haven't heard before. And to hopefully play music in a context that is new. Unexpected. Fresh.

If so, then this may be one of the best mixes I know of. Each time I listen to it I hear things I've never heard before. And I feel things I normally don't feel when I listen to music. Irritation, disgust, mild pain. Occasionally hope (when some mixes appear almost over). Anger (when they come back).

But mostly, this tape clears my mind of all life's daily clutter. When I'm feeling a little down, I pop this in and jam out. So mad props to you dj Trainwreck. Unfortunately, I never did get you on the show. I moved away from Houston before that could happen. But thanks for the tape. And know that it was definitely heard.

I've been meaning to encode this tape for the last 5 years. I finally got around to it, and now I'm sharing it with you.

Sept. 2004

You can follow this link here and download the mix and listen to it as I am now right at this second as I type.

It is incredulous that Sandeep managed to listen to this mix all the way through, let alone more than once.

And yes, even I am a better DJ than DJ Trainwreck.

xx Lektrogirl

P.S. Nadia Kasaiba sent me a mixtape once mentioning in the attached note there were a few train wrecks. There was only one and that was just kind of funny - not at all agonising. I listened to that mixtape frequently while doing housework.

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Wednesday, 6 February 2008


Remember when they used to be called Faggatronix? I don't any more cause now they roll by their government names, Bok Bok and Manara.

Bok Bok and Manara have done another mix, this time for Mad Decent Worldwide Radio.

01 . intro
02 . DJ MURKZ - datz me
03 . TRC - toybox
04 . CHEEKSTA - baby (T2 remix)
05 . EJ - u.f.o
06 . JTJ - love
07 . DA MIGHTY BLAZE - trojan warrior
08 . TS7 - smile ft TONIA
09 . PALEFACE & FLUKES - salt slugs
10 . DEXPLICIT - lifey
11 . TRC - best things ft SCREAMA
12 . DJ MURKZ - dark and grey
13 . DJ Q - fear
14 . NITRO - its you
15 . DEXPLICIT - might be ft GEMMA FOX
16 . IRONSOUL - you liar
17 . MERKURY - my all
18 . ZOMBY - spliff dub (MR FIGZ remix)

As you all know I think that shit music - I can't remember what it is even called now - the music at that crap rave in the squat I went to that stunk of onion bhajis and wet toilets - is shit. But as I have discussed previously, I like "niche". What a stupid effing name. I mean - IDM too. LOL. Niche is like a non-name name where some dude at the record store didn't know what to call a few records so he put them in the corner and called them niche. I should ask Prancehall if he wasn't hating on me so much. Surely he knows everything about everything.

Anyway so I listened to the new Bok Bok and Manara mix today while I painted the living room. It certainly made the task a lot more bearable. The mix is great - even if I wasn't into all the tracks individually. Bok Bok and Manara are my favourite UK DJ's. DJ Goon and DJ Koyote are my favourite French DJ's [see BOYZ II MEN video a coupla posts down HA.]

Oh shit - I'm listening to DJ Guy while I type. He is pretty incredible too...

xx Lektrogirl

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Friday, 26 October 2007


Last night I spent hours working on amazing spreadsheets containing all the information for the Katharine Hamnett SS08 wholesale orders. I love my new computer screen. I had five workbooks open at once. Chats with Bitch Ass Darius, Prancehall, Bok Bok, Manara in the AIM about various matters. Some long tings, some casual matters. Vibing to an assessment mix of DJ Venoms', then some mix of Kenny Kingston's that B.A.D. sent me and then some cool mix by Girl U No It's True. Total vibes with me and the Windows music visuals and Excel.

I got to work this morning and my assistant started first track up REGULATE!!! Blud - he is my boy!! Then all the other end of the room came in [the PR end!] and started playing all the new Take That stuff and Tears for Fears.

OMG - split hearing! You get me!!

DJ Guy sent me a link today though for a new mix that I want to share with the world too on

Here is the track listing:
Bitch Ass Darius - Ride Wit Me (NES Records)
DJ Guy - Bucked Up (Global Fire)
Professor X - Professor X (Saga) (Techno Kut)
Eerk & Jerk - Eerk & Jerk (House Mix) (Shantell Records)
Model 500 - Future (Metroplex)
DJ Guy - Big Pussy (Global Fire)
Bass Tribe - Dance Like A Freak (X-Tend-A-Freak Club Mix) (Pandisc)
Bitch Ass Darius - G**K Hoez (NES Records) <---- A PERSONAL FAVOURITE FYI
DJ Guy - The Raw (Global Fire)
Stone Age - Raw Dog (acapella) (MCA)
DJ Assault - Livin' The (Good Life) (Jefferson Ave)
DJ Guy - Who Wanna (Global Fire)
Ectomorph - Parallax View (Interdimensional Transmissions)
Freestyle - Don't Stop The Rock (Pandisc)
Disco D - D-Down (Intuit-Solar)
Electric Soul - X2 (Electrofunk)
Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - Just Vibe (Acapella) (Interscope)
DJ Slugo - Smoke-N-Ride (Dance Mania)
Emynd & Bo Bliz - Get F'd Up (Flamin' Hotz)
AJ McGhee - Have A Drink (Thorn Entertainment)
DJ Guy - The Runner (Global Fire)
P-Dog - Got This Feeling (M.A.P.)

And here is the link here.


xx Lektrogirl

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Sunday, 14 October 2007


This is DJ Guy's first release of his brand new label Global Fire which is pretty grand considering he also just bought Serato yesterday too. He said he felt really sad cause it really felt like the end of an era. But he said already Serato was amazing. Last night DJ Guy, Bitch Ass Darius and I "had a drink or two" at the The Star. It was the triad of minds that evening on the sofa, and later at my crib where we decided it would be a great idea to drink the two bottles of red wine on top of all the drinking we have already done.

Originally presented to me in a Morrisons*** bag, here is a slighter hotter picture of the new record!

Left Tittie:
Bucked Up
Who Wanna
The Raw

Right Tittie:
The Runner
Big Pussy

So from the expert mind of Lektrogirl [who miraculouly woke up totally clear headed this morning!]
Bucked Up - "Get Buck" / Young Buck and some great music. Great for getting your titties out to and shaking your F.U.P.A.
Who Wanna - well who doesn't? I know I always want to.
The Raw - You Get Me!? This is the best track on the EP and it makes me want to dance like a German girl all up in the place and fuck the snot out of any guy. Well there is a man in particular... Anyway - you will know which bit of the track I mean when you hear it. You will start doing the Wutang* and the Spongebob Dance** all at once on the floor.
The Runner - The "Doh" vocals etc by DJ Guy himself. [Yes it is true that I didn't believe Bitch Ass Darius sang "Mount Up Bang That Butt" himself, but he did a live performance of it in the living room later that evening that was most convicing!]
Big Pussy - A vintage DJ Guy track written back in 2002. My only negative comment on this track is that it doesn't say BIG PUSSY enough. But maybe that is cause if all pussy's smelt like mine the world would be a really happy place [they don't call me Platinum Pussy in Hamburg for no reason you know] - but maybe you can get too much of a good thing? It must be awful for those girls out there with fannies like crabsticks.

You can listen to samples of some of these tracks on the Global Fire MySpace page.

*The Wutang Dance

**The Spongebob Dance

xx Lektrogirl

***Oh FUCK! I just remembered about an amazing thing Carrie said by accident!! She mixed up Dries Van Noten with Denise Van Outen! Love it!!!

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