Wednesday, 13 August 2008


At my new job I have been TCB - [learnt this from Bok Bok via Manara - Take Care of Business.] Basically, getting stuck into some long overdue paperwork house keeping so that I can get cracking with my job properly. So sorting, filing, researching, asking questions, updating computers etc etc. The people I work with are super nice and couldn't be more helpful - but for those of you who read my blog who have ever had a job [so that would be 90% the girls, 30% of guys who have had 'real jobs' 30% of guys who have kind of had 'pretend jobs' that were just like DJing for cash or something but it still counts - the left over girls and 40% men you won't get this] - you will understand that a new job is always A LOT; Working out if you wore the right thing, who will be your allies, how everyone has their tea, how long you can talk on the phone without looking like a slacker, can you install Miranda/Trillion etc... S.T.R.E.S.S. And of course, overcoming my Internet addiction and having to drink cows milk for the time being out of an ugly cup. [How long can I leave it before I can bring in my own china teacup for plunger coffee without everyone thinking I'm a tosser but thinking I'm cool and quirky? YGM?]

So the following song, Let There Be House, is dedicate to me and my new job.

This song also holds some very deep connections to my life back in Tasmania. When this record first came out, I bought the 12" and went totally nuts listening to it over and over and dancing all the stresses of my life out in the hallway on Mum's new carpet. I was in year 11 or 12 - so 16 or 17. I was the bane of Mum's life - because the carpet was so new and woolly, one dance session would kick up all the new fluff of the wool - virtually tumble weave - that she would go round clucking and picking up spluttering at me "Stop It!! You are kicking up all the carpet!! You will dance a hole in the carpet!!"

Listening to this song again now is a really great de-stress session for me. On top of the new job and the heartbreak over the Chanel lipstick really not being up to scratch, I had a fucking shit start to the week over really weird weird stuff that has also been on my mind. I just feel so much is in the bin right now - more like hard knocks from other people's misplaced weirdness - and like my astrology said today - 'just let it be like water off a duck's back' which is true, but when I'm super stressed/tired about a new job its hard. I went out to dinner with Max tonight and he asked me about all my woes [I cried in China Town - AGAIN! - FFS!! I really must be hitting menopause!!] and it was so nice to be sitting with one of my oldest bestest craziest friend 'chewing the fat'.

Something to look forward too though! I am going to Nantes to see Puyo Puyo and Eva on the 18th October for a gig there. WOOHOO. I don't know who else is playing but I am sure it will be excellent. I haven't seen them since I met them in Liege - the same night I met Lu and Bernd from Mash Gordon. FUCK ME!! THAT WAS A PARTY!! Yerrr...

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Sunday, 23 September 2007


Last night I couldn't help but feel a bit sheepish about the amount of fun I was having with three other girlfriend's in a restaurant talking about men and the similarities to that TV show Sex In the City with the horse faced once that I never really got into.

Oh how we laughed!!

Look - no fillings! [and a VINTAGE milk fed t-shirt FYI for anyone who knows anything]

This is my cacking myself at Sarah Lee [who is an amazing photographer who does a lot of stuff for the shop] who can't throw signs with ease - but she is very good and making shadow puppets of dogs who could adopt the personality of various past lovers from Pippa, Jasmine and I. My lord - we laughed till we cried telling each other the calls from the vinegar strokes: Sarah told of a man who said "It's coming" in the same tone of voice as Prince Charles when he saw a really ugly building. I told of a man who said "There you go" when he shot his load, but I also heard him use the same phrase on the phone to his mother when then were cracking each other up! Jasmine had a fella say "I've got a surprise for you". Pippa was more of a lady about divulging her tales but the ladylike behaviour dropped to the wayside when she cackled at the rest of our stories. We also discussed size, impotency and a variety of other men's health problems [their brains...] But I can't divulge more. Cause that would be telling.

We ate at a restaurant of Sarah's choice - a tapas place in Mornington Crescent.

I've been a bit lax photographing things lately but I remembered to take a photo of our food after it was mostly finished. I ordered roast beetroot with onions and chestnuts, fennel with spinach and pinenuts and chicory salad. I nicked a lot of Sarah's chorizo and she nicked all the pine nuts.

Pippa named her sardines Sylvia and Little Joe. No surprise then that she couldn't eat the fish named after her son...

We weren't even drunk but we spent ages taking pictures of ourselves with these brooches. All the amazing ones - of people looking horrendous had to be deleted but there were some real corkers! What is actually unbelieveable about this is that I sat there doing possibly the most retarded thing I've done in ages and I was missing CSI and Law and Order at home. Thank god I made it back for Criminal Minds!!

And today I have a lot of web work to try and do for Maria, and mountain of laundry and sorting my house out. If anyone wants to come and clean the floors - they need mopping - I'll pay them £20 for an hours work.

xx Lektrogirl

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