Tuesday, 8 April 2008


Here is my friend Caz trying to be like me with the bra shot... Oh no.. hang on... LOL hahaha


Mum called this morning and I told her was really sad this morning feeling like I had nothing to get out of bed for today. I can't tell you the real reasons why other than to say XXCENSOREDXX has banned me from talking about XXCENSOREDXX here and another whole part of my life is totally XXCENSOREDXX anyway...

and here I was at the New Zealander party have a whale of a time.

But then I get up this morning to see the world has been moving on with out me and see visions such as Caz with a twisted bra. Lovely.

xx Lektrogirl

P.S. Alex T asked me on Sunday night what my favourite episode of C.S.I. is and I couldn't choose but now I know. It is an episode in season 5 of C.S.I. Crime Scene Investigation [the Vegas one] called COMMITTED set in a mental prison where a guy gets murdered by the mother of one of the patients who is masquerading as a nurse so that she can continue her Jocasta complex relationship with her mentally ill son. They crack the case when Grissom uses a really great piece of far fetched technology [LOL] - audio archaeology or something. The son was making a clay vase when his nurse mother came in to demand that he finish it with the guy who was murdered and apparently the sound waves of their conversation were picked up in the wet clay. The C.S.I. team were able to pick up the sound recording using lasers, processing it through something that looked a little bit like Sony Acid Pro but with a jazzier skin and they all realised who was banging who.

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Friday, 4 January 2008


Sitting here waiting for tiles to get delivered isn't much fun when all the calls and mail to the house so far to day has been for Paul.

So I have started on my bathroom tiling project in anticipation! I need a blade for cutting metal, but I will get one on Saturday.

Then I polished all my wine glasses, all the champagne glasses and all the martini glasses I have and put them in my cocktail cabinet which used to be full of Gameboy Cartridges. I'm procrastinating from sorting my 7" record collection and getting rid of the ones I don't want. I feel a bit of a traitor to an old friend, Nervous Stephen when I say that. But times pass. So then to keep myself occupied I have gone back to my second favourite internet occupation after eBay, and that is cruising lingerie online stores. AP still isn't on sale - which I have to say isn't much cause I have pretty much everything I want from there already. I really just looking forward to the new stuff. Then I check the figleaves site for the Princesse Tam Tam stuff which is now 70% FYI but I have everything I want from that too. So I finally remembered this website, Insinuate, that Alex Sturrock sent me once that some friend of his runs that has amazing bra's on it. Alex Sturrock was making jokes about something else when he sent it - I don't think he realises that I am "the girl with the thing".

I am loving the Goldie Bra. This is going to be perfect for my bit role in CSI Crime Scene Investigation when I get poisoned in a club or something as a scabby show girl. Another thing I didn't tell you all is that I had plastic surgery while I was away and this picture is no stolen from the Insinuate website but is actually me. Haven't the scars healed well. They did a lot of work but it must have been the fresh Tassie air.

The thought of me wearing this actually horrifies me a bit. What I actually like are the wrist cuffs. They would make amazing bracelets to wear with my Marni bag.

Check out this picture with the amazing flesh coloured modesty panel that looks like a pair of grannies tights! LOL! I am loving this though and this would be great to wear - though after getting busted in Paris wearing an open bra when my shirt burst open was pretty embarressing. Advice would be to wear this garment with caution. Like the girls at AP say "this one is more of a bedroom bra..." but stuff that! This is definitely a something to style with acid wash denim.

If you want to check out the whole Insinuate shop, check here.

So doesn't my life sound like it could possibly be a bit like this - cruising, cocktail glasses and lingerie!

xx Lektrogirl

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Thursday, 20 December 2007


Today I got sunburnt stringing up lights in the greengage and apple trees in the front garden. It was 27 degrees today with a really hot wind. I forgot about a hot wind and hot sun together. Pretty awesome. But I have pink arms now and pink cheeks. I'm going to be all freckly when I get back to London. Hopefully I will meet a man one day who thinks that is cute on someone my age. Anyway - the Christmas lights are now growing and nearly finished. I have some rope lights to put up and some more fairy lights for the front window. I was going to put the rope lights around the front door but their lead is too thick and I can't close the door properly. So that scuppered that plan. However Hobart is still the kind of place you can leave doors and windows open when you pop down to the road to pick up the papers from your neighbours house...

Apparently this evening there is going to be electrical storms. Bring it on! We have a corrugated iron roof so it will sound amazing.

Brunch was delicious. The coffee at Jackman and McRoss is INCREDIBLE. If only this place was in London. It would be great for a very casual date. Not for casual sex vibes BTW - but somewhere where you weren't sure what kind of shoes someone was gonna be wearing to the date and so you weren't sure if you liked them yet or not. YGM. Kind of like a "pre date see if you want to go on a date with them date". It would also be one of the places I would take Cardinal. It is 100% total girl gossip vibes place too. I got a text from her this morning saying she was having food and drinks at her house for Christmas. I was really missing her then! I really love my friends.

Later this arvo Mutts and I went to Coles and Kmart for some more lighting essentials [got a light up reindeer for $4!] and I also checked out all the knickers. Mid aisle I was all in a quandry. I mean - I buy all the fancy bras - and therefor the assumtion is I get the matching underwear. I have discussed this before on my blog - so sorry to go on - BUT now I am wondering if I am failing as a person for not having matching underwear and continuing with the mix and match style that I like. I was looking down the aisles really confused. My search to discover myself continues.

Then in Coles, I got stopped by two guys for photographing different food items in store. One had a pierced eyebrow and the other didn't. It would have been less embarrassing if Mum hadn't started going on with "She has grown up in this supermarket and I have been shopping here for 30 years" yada yada. They told me that I would have to ask the manager's permission to take pictures. Mum asked "Is the manager sitting there watching her on CCTV?" and the guy said "No the manager isn't even here." I tried to walk off into the potatoes but Mum was there telling them all about the things I take pictures of on my Flickr. Anyway here are some of the offending pictures:

Christmas Hams. Imagine the stomach cramps you would get if you totally stuffed yourself on these one after the other.

Dog Roll.

Kabana. Phallic. Amazing.

Anyway just for your information the photographing of all items in Coles is stricly prohibited. It makes me hate on Coles a little bit now. Anyway - gtg - I can overhear an interesting news piece on taxi drivers who rip off disabled kids by taking the long route home.

xx Lektrogirl

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Sunday, 18 November 2007


Totally was weird. I had this moment in the fitting rooms. I couldn't stop looking at myself thinking "life is different now". I don't know if I am mental or sane. Either way it meant I was an hour late for meeting Paul at Top Of The Town. So I had to go find him at Wong Kei which always makes me cry in there after the shittiest night of my life some years ago with an Irish cunt called Kevin Sheridan. I made Paul leave his plate of puke behind and we went and had our old usuals at T.O.T.T. Me - Sweat and Sour Pork. Him - String Bean Szechuan Style with Pork. But I was late for everything today. I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date... I hope Dal forgives me.

So I tried on a lot of clothes today as well. I was in the Mui Mui section trying on knitwear with this puffy mohair sleeves. They made me look like I had arms like the Gorilla in the Cadbury's commercial. Really. So I went back to the area I was really interested in - the Lingerie. Unfortunately, Alex Tea must have got lost on the way cause he Facebooked me to say he was gonna meet me in Agent Provocateur at 3 to help me choose bra's but he didn't show. Gutted. In my deep greif, I ended up buying four new bra's.

Vampirella. I was talking with Manara the other day about one knocker being bigger than the other.

Frumpy. I really like awkward underwear. There is a bra in Fifi Chachnil in Paris that I am obsessed with that I have gone back to see twice now. Only it is hideously expensive cause it is made from silk. And usually by the time I get there I have spunked my money in the antique jewellery shop over the road.

Anyway - while shopping in Agent Provocateur for these two, the music that came on was WOULD YOU BELIEVE IT:

Joe Jackson: Steppin' Out
FUCK WHAT AN UGLY MAN!!! Talk about ruin your vinegar stroke.
but I this is the third time I have heard this song in a shop lately... A while ago it was this:

His hip rolling though is really bad... [check end of the post for more...]

Cutey. This one is DJ Venoms favourite, but I dedicate this one to the man in the bar who I think is cute but I'm not sure if he is gay or not. I'm glad that DJ Venom, my lifestyle coach did have words to say about my shopping tonight on AIM.

00:21:34: do you think i should take the blue bra [not pictured] back
00:22:13: i think you need blue pants to go with it
00:22:24: i never wear matching underwear
00:22:31: cheap ho
00:22:36: yeah i know
00:22:42: you'll never impress a guy like that
00:23:02: i often wear matching socks, pants and t-shirt
00:23:08: same pantone
00:23:18: the only other person i know who does that is a homo. but he is thebest dressed man i know
00:24:53: omg - XXCENSOREDXX* agrees with you about the matching knickers

* Would love to tell you but I can't. Here is what he said tho' online tonight.

00:24:02: my lifestyle coach, daniel lee, says i will never impress a guy if i dont wear knickers that match my bra.
00:24:05: is that true?
00:24:23: yeah
00:24:25: totally true
00:24:40: does it have to be the same set or can it colour co-ordinate.
00:24:48: same set
00:24:58: fuck me
00:25:13: that is gonna be a LOT
00:25:16: yep
00:27:09: do all girls match their underwear?
00:27:23: i mean i imagine rhiannan does
00:27:31: sorry that is a lezza i know
00:27:40: i mean the umbrella girl
00:27:57: yeah i think so
00:27:59: most do
00:28:09: o rly

Sadly, my obsession - that was started by Ramiro Elena - rests with bras alone. Not knickers. My other obsession is taking pictures up girls skirts.

Here is Jo, the new girl at work. Her photoshop skills are exception and she has an amazing eye for detail. Though the small hole in her tights might lead you to a different opinion of her. That and the chipped nail polish.

Finally: Keeping with the sexual vibe of this post - on to the Hip Rollin videos that are good. No no, they are AAMMAAZZINGGGG!!


xx Lektrogirl

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Friday, 17 August 2007


We have piles and piles of random stuff from the last 40 years of Katharine's career all over the joint. Every so often from under a pile of slogan t-shirts comes up some amazing stuff like these line cards shot by Claude Mougin for Donald J. Pliner's Right Bank Shoe Company:

"RBCC Cold/Hot Pack"

"Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense"

"After Surgery"

All these picks are so amazingly wrong. I'm loving the boots though. I have a pair of Eley Kishimoto cowboy boots I haven't ever worn yet that I should bust out some time soon. Donald J. Pliners shoe company still exists. JoJo and I had a right laugh at the cab driver shoes on sale. Booty Carrell would love one of the pairs, but you can get the same thing cheaper on the Reeperbahn.

Finally here is another pick feeding my obsession for intimate apparel:


xx Lektrogirl

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